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Spiciness classification of chillies

Updated ranking on the hottest peppers

Just like grapes grown for wine, hot peppers also have an incredible variety.

There are unique varieties, flavors and, of course, different levels of spiciness.

Our goal is to accompany you through this vast world of flavors and, of course, spiciness!

It all starts with the Scoville scale through which spiciness is measured, in the table below you can see the chillies divided by name, spiciness on the Scoville scale and place of origin.

For some chillies you will also be able to see the dedicated article, our list is constantly updated.

You can also change the order of the chillies based on their characteristics, here is the summary table!

PLEASE NOTE: You will not find the “Pepper X” nor the “Dragon's Breath”. Why? Because so far they have proved to be extremely unstable and have not reached the quality standards necessary to boast the title of "hottest pepper in the world". Indeed, things are so unclear that officially they are not even considered existing varieties.

First nameScoville MinScoville MaxOrigin
Pure Capsaicin1500000016000000/
Caroline Reaper14000002200000United States
Komodo dragon14000002200000United Kingdom
Trinidad Moruga Scorpion12000002000000Trinidad
7-Pot Douglas9200001850000Trinidad
Naga Morich10000001500000United Kingdom
Naga Viper9000001380000India
Infinity pepper10600001250000United Kingdom
Ghost Pepper8550001040000India
Bhut Jolokia Chocolate8000001000000India
Habanero Chocolate425000577000Jamaica
Habanero Red Savina350000577000United States
Fatalii125000400000Central Africa
Scotch Bonnet100000350000Caribbean



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